We have helped hundreds of Texas dentists successfully sell their valued dental practices for over 40 years.

Featured Listings

Houston (East)

Listing – General #TX565
Collections: $2,200,0000
Operatories: 7

Houston (Sugarland)

Listing – General #TX566
Collections: $825,000
Operatories: 4


Listing – General #TX560
Proforma Collections: $1,100,0000
Operatories: 5

Price Reduced 

East Texas – Lufkin Area

Listing – General #TX540
Collections: $400,000
Operatories: 4

Purchase Price: $269,000.

Houston (Sharpstown)

Listing – General #TX548
Collections: $634,347
Operatories: 4

Houston ( Bay Area)

Listing – General #TX563
Collections: $420,000
Operatories: 4

North East Pediatric

Listing – Pediatric #TX562  

Collections: $470,000
Operatories: 5  

Price Reduced

Houston (West side)

Listing – General  #TX559
Collections: $600,000
Operatories: 3

MEEt the Team

Chrissy Dunn

Chrissy Dunn


Joined the firm in 2008 after a career in the banking, Ms. Dunn brings a compassionate and yet experienced approach to each transaction that is focused on the human aspects of each dental transition. As a dental practice broker, she has valued hundreds of dental practices. Read More

Christopher Dunn

Christopher Dunn


Joined the firm in 2013 initially providing logistical and marketing support. Chris shares time between his law firm and as a practice broker, focusing on helping dentists across the State of Texas. He earned his undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University and his law degree from South Texas Law School, in Houston Texas. Read More

James Dunn

James Dunn


Established the firm in 1987 after graduating from law school to provide a comprehensive service to Texas dentists. Mr. Dunn brings a wealth of experience in all aspects of the dental practice process, from valuation to closing as both a CPA and attorney. With over 300 successful transactions in Texas, Mr. Dunn knows well the rewards and risks associated with each unique dental practice transaction. Read More

What Others Say

“I have to say it was a pleasure working with Jim,Chrissy,and Chris on finding a buyer for my dental practice. They really made the process easy by taking care of every detail from start to finish. I could tell they were veterans and they took time to answer all my questions. They kept reassuring me all would be fine because they could see the value in my practice. Patience paid off and I can’t thank the DDR team enough for finding a great young dentist to take care of my staff and my patients”
General Dentist – Brenham Texas

“DDR Dental did a stellar job in selling our practice after the death of my husband. They sold the practice in about six weeks. Three other transition companies were not interested in helping me. There is not enough space to express my gratitude for their efforts for me and the patients that needed a new dentist!”
General Dentist – Austin , Texas

“Thank you so much for the fantastic job you did selling our practice! You took on the job when others thought there was no value in it. I was so discouraged, but you were very kind and thoughtful, and helped me get through a very emotional time. I am so grateful to you for all of the work you did to insure that our patients were provided with an excellent new doctor, and that my husband’s investment in our practice was realized.”
General Dentist – Houston, Texas

Dental Practice Sales And Appraisals


We are an end-to-end dental practice transition firm delivering results for our clients for over 30 years. DDR Dental is the most experienced dental practice transition firm in Texas. Let us share our experience with dental practice associateships, dental practice partnerships, dental practice start-ups, dental practice appraisals, and dental practice sales.

Some of Our Services

Dental Practice Transitions

From offer to closing, we utilize a time-tested method to maximize the value of your practice while finding a buyer who is the proper fit.

Dental Practice Partnerships

Partnerships, like marriage require a proper foundation if they are to last. We can help design that foundation with proper planning and a communication framework.

Dental Practice Appraisals

Practice valuations (appraisals) require a significant degree of experience and judgement. Performing the valuation is just one step in a multi-step process that culminates in a successful transition.  

Purchaser Representation

Finding the right practice is only the first step on a long journey of dental practice success. Let us guide you through the process, from offer to closing.


Associates can boost production or tear a practice apart. Proper planning and protection begins with a proper associate agreement. Let us help you structure the relationship in a way that is both successful and yet protects your most valuable asset.  

Dental Practice Start-ups

Starting a practice from scratch involves risk and opportunity. Let us provide the advice you need to assure success with proper planning.

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