Buying a dental practice checklist

If you’re in the market to buy a dental practice, it’s helpful to review a checklist first to ensure you’re checking off all your boxes. There are a few big things you need to consider, followed by a number of smaller items.

Here is a checklist to keep you on track when buying a dental practice.

Gain a clear understanding of the health of the practice.
The first step is to research available practices in the area you would like to serve. Make appointments to go see each practice and speak with those in charge. Examine the existing equipment and make note of anything you would like to upgrade or change. Learn as much as you can about the practice’s current financials.

Apply for Financing
Nothing is more threatening to the close of a transaction than delayed financing. Get a loan secured first, then go to the negotiating table.

Build a Team
This purchase is too important to risk without legal and financial experts.

Other Checklist
• Financial documents
• All accepted insurance providers
• A patient list with complete details
• A detailed summary of all inventory and equipment

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