Financing Options

Here are some frequently asked questions that arise during the practice acquisition process.

Yes you can. Because we have been working with lending institutions for so long, we are able to finance over 100% of the purchase price at attractive rates and terms. Our lending institutions work daily in the dental industry, specifically lending acquisition capital for dental practice acquisition transactions. They know that most buyers have a limited loan history and even outstanding student loans.
Buying a Dental Practice

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We have helped hundreds of Texas dentists successfully sell their valued dental practices for over 40 years.

Should I use your lending sources or my local bank?

Our lenders are fluent in the nuances of dental practice lending, capital requirements, typical valuation models, and proper cash flow modeling. They understand that this is an equity line that looks to cash flow for repayment, rather than traditional “asset based lending.” Therefore, our lenders will have greater flexibility that perhaps the loan committee of your local bank would normally permit. So timing is lessened and terms are more affordable than often possible by traditional banks.

What are the steps in obtaining a loan?

You will need to complete the lending institutions “loan application form”, and provide other source document information (check stubs, bank statements and employment verifications). Each lender has their own process and form, but we know them well and can assist you with your application process.