Austin Area (General) Mobile Dental


The Practice is a general dentist practice providing comprehensive general dentistry as a mobile dental practice. The practice focuses on care for the elderly patients that are residences of the nursing care assisted living facilities.

The Practice has no fixed office location but rather travels to each nursing home or elderly care facility in and around the Austin area and performs work at that location (has contacts with 25 facilities also serves the VA system in Temple Texas).

The practice collects high six figures per year. The Practice bills Medicaid or Medicare using the 90% percentile of the ADA fee schedule, so the Practice bills at above average fees, with 10% of collections from cash payments. The dentists see patients Monday thru Thursday from around 8:00 am until 5:00 pm (so only a 4 day work week). There are approximately 1,687 active patient records (those seen within the prior 18 months).

Call Chrissy at 800-930-8017 or email at [email protected] and reference “Mobile Dental Practice”

Price: $780,000
Financial:Gross Collections over $1,000,000

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